Our production
Technology and know-how

Bared manufactures technological vanguard solutions and efficient machinery thanks to the proven technical knowledge and experience gained over many years.

  • Crossflow filtration

  • Pre-filtration

  • Microfiltration

  • Reverse osmosis-nanofiltration

  • Gas Adjustment - Alcohol removal

  • Ion exchange

  • Heat exchange

  • Proportional inline dosing unit

  • Multifunctional filler

  • CIP system

  • Turnkey projects

Crossflow filtration

Crossflow filters with semipermeable membranes selected for a total cleaning and a sterile filtration of liquids (removal of fine particles, yeasts, bacteria).

  • B1

  • B2

  • B3

  • B4

  • B6

  • B8

  • B12

  • B16

  • F2T4

  • F2T8

  • F3T8


Sieve filtration systems for a partial cleaning on heavily loaded liquids in suspended solids (removal of coarse particles).

  • Static

  • Matic


Polymer microfiltration system or cartridges microfiltration system, single or multiple; Test devices for routine controls.

  • M1

  • M2

  • M3

  • MF with cartridges

  • Filterability index

  • Integrity test

Reverse osmosis-nanofiltration

Reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems with composite-film membranes for molecular separation.

  • B4.V2

  • B8.V2

  • B16.V2

  • B24.V2

Gas Adjustment - Alcohol removal

Equipment for gas adjustment on liquids and alcohol removal systems by a molecular diffusion.

  • BR30

  • BD2

Ion exchange

Polymeric systems for the ion exchange between liquid and resin.

  • KS30

  • KS60

  • KA30

  • KA60

  • KA90

  • KA120

Heat exchange

Systems for the liquids’ temperature control and for heat sterilization processes.

  • Tube in tube

  • Pasteurization plants

Proportional inline dosing unit

Device for the right dosage of additives proportionally to the flow.

  • Prodox

Multifunctional filler

Multifunctional filler with multi-stage filtration system.

  • BIB

CIP system

Clean-In-Place system for chemical cleaning and sanitizing of fixed production lines, tanks and machinery in general. The systems are made according to specific customer's requirements and can be on fixed or wheeled skid, manually operated or fully automatic with a remotable touch-screen PLC.

Turnkey projects

Bared's know-how and skilled experience on the field allow consultancies and technological solutions on different applications at every stage of the production process. We are able to offer projects and turnkey projects for production units in beverage.