In the wine producing chain, the microbiological composition changes from the harvest, passing through the fermentation, until refining. There could be some microorganisms which negatively alter this composition  and the qualitative aspect. The Brettanomyces microorganism, is a  synonymous of these alterations. The development of Brettanomyces in wines is associated to the appearance  of phenolic flavours, to the loss of fruit-aromas and to the development of flavours otherwise described as farm-flavours, horse’s sweat, medicine, animal-skin, hide, earthly. Particularly, the 4-ethylphenol produces flavours of plastic, plaster and chemical flavours;  the 4-etylguaiacol produces instead flavours of spices, toasted-flavour.


Average removal                      : 20% per passage

Output / h                                 : up to 500 L/h

Download the PDF file! 4EP-4EG removal